Realme RMX2170 (X3 Pro) reportedly spotted on TUV Rheinland database certified with 65W charging, dual cell battery.

The Realme X3 Pro has reportedly received TUV Rheinland certification, and the available documentation shows speculations coming with 65W charging support. The phone with the RMX2170 model number can be seen equipped with a dual-battery unit and one of these batteries is characterized by 2,250mAh. The phone with the RMX2170 model number has reportedly been seen on other regulator platforms. The news is quite confusing because so far the phone with the model number RMX2121 has been introduced as Realme X3 Pro.

According to a Nashville Chatter news, the phone with model number RMX2170 received TUV Rheinland certification on August 3, and is seen sporting a dual-battery with 65W fast charging support. Thus far, Realme has given 65W fast charger with Realme X50 Pro and Realme X2 Pro flagship phones. Therefore, this phone is estimated to be the Realme X3 Pro flagship.

According to a report by Gizmochina, the phone with the RMX2170 model number has already surfaced in July on the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) and Wi-Fi Alliance platforms. The latter reported that the particular phone will run on Android 10. Another phone with similar information was also seen on the TUV Rheinland Japan database in June.

This development comes as little surprise as so far, a phone with model number Realme RMX2121 has been speculated to be Realme X3 Pro. In fact, the 3C listing of Realme RMX2121 was seen last month with 65W fast charging support, which another report from Gizmochina shows.

In addition, the phone with the RMX2121 model number has also been seen on TENAA. The listing suggests the phone's battery to be 2,200mAh, suggesting a dual-cell battery similar to the one on the Realme X2 Pro. As mentioned, the phone with model number RMX2170 is also equipped with a dual-cell battery.

This opens another box of speculation. According to a Nashville Chatter report, a phone with the RMX2121 model number can debut as Realme V5 Pro. In this game of names, or rather than models, it is recommended that readers take the latest development with a pinch of salt and wait a few days until more reports about both of these smartphones arrive.

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