Realme Buds 3 includes the active noise-cancellation feature to be launched this month.

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Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme has given some information about the next Realme Audio product. Sheth revealed that the company is currently working on a successor to Realme Buds 2. The company plans to launch "Realme Buds 3" sometime this month. Apart from this, Sheth also said that Realme Buds 3 will be different from previous Realme Audio products. The upcoming product will come with a "unique" feature in the coming weeks. In the latest episode of the "#AskMadhav" series running on Realme India YouTube channel, Sheth revealed vague details around the product. Let's look at the details around Realme Buds 3 that include the "unique" feature.

Taking a look at episode 18 of the #AskMadhav series, Sheth revealed the ending feature of the video. He said that Realme Buds 3 will have an active noise-cancellation (ANC).Taking a look at the feature, it uses a microphone to capture "low-frequency noise" around the user.Then, earbuds or earphones neutralize this noise from the playback stream before playing back. ANC capable products produce a sound called anti-noise with the same amplitude but phase inverted from the original sound. This provides a much clear audio output, eliminating unwanted sound.

Sheth did not provide any further details around the upcoming Realme Buds 3. We are not sure about the design or pricing of upcoming earbuds. We are sure the company will add additional hardware to the earbuds to remove noise. However, it is unclear whether this will be in the normal wired earbud design or something unique in terms of earbuds.

It is also possible that Realme may increase the price of the upcoming product compared to the current offering. However, anything below Rs. 2,000 will be somewhat influential in the affordable earbuds market.

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