Realme X50 teased 5G heat sources and includes 5D ice-cooled heat dissolution system.

Realme X50, the next-generation smartphone by the Chinese company that will support the 5G network, has been teased to come with an all-new cooling system. Through a post on Weibo, Realme revealed that the new smartphone will come with a five-dimensional, ice-cold heat dissipation system, in contrast to the traditional heat-sinking tube offering.This is deferred to offer 100 percent coverage of core heating sources. The new teaser comes a day after the company revealed that Realme X50 will provide dual-channel Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity Together. Realme X50 is also rumored to have a 64-megapixel primary sensor.

According to the post published on the official Realme Weibo account, the Realme X50 will include 8mm ultra-large diameter liquid-cooled Cooper tubes with a volume of 410 cubic meters.The tube will be a part of a five-dimensional ice-cooled heat description system that is claimed to provide a full coverage on the smartphone.

Earlier this month, Realme confirmed that Realme X50 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC.The new processing unit comes with an integrated 5G modem.This brings about the need for an advanced cooling system.

Realme has also recently confirmed that Realme X50 will offer support for dual-channel Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity simultaneously and will support all major network bands such as n1, n41, n78, and n79.  

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